AXA completes the acquisition of Laya Healthcare Limited

AXA has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Laya Healthcare Limited (“Laya”).

Under the terms of the transaction, AXA has acquired Laya for a consideration of Euro 650 million, in line with the announcement made upon signing of the agreement.

About Laya

Laya is a leading insurer in the Irish health market with ca. 28% market share, serving close to 700,000 policyholders and generating ca. Euro 800 million premiums* per annum. It operates as a Managing General Agent** with a highly digitalized platform and a strong direct distribution network.

* As of FY22. Premiums currently underwritten by a third-party insurer.

** Subject to the receipt of regulatory approvals, AXA intends from the fourth quarter of 2024 to underwrite the business currently written by a third-party insurer.

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