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International Private Medical Insurance (iPMI) Market Research Reports

iPMI Global provides all the IPMI market research and business intelligence you will need to navigate the complex global world of International Private Medical Insurance (iPMI) and expatriate healthcare insurance.

Leading IPMI analyst Ian Youngman says, "For insurers, agencies, brokers and global companies, keeping up-to-date about current and upcoming insurance law in overseas countries is almost impossible. Although there are now more opportunities than ever for insurers and brokers to sell iPMI and health insurance to locals and expats, to do so successfully you need to understand how healthcare and health insurance works in each targeted country."

Delivered digitally in PDF format, iPMI Global market research reports contain all the iPMI and international healthcare insurance business intelligence you need, to stay 1 step ahead of the risk, and make well informed, cross-border business decisions. The results of over 60 years of combined IPMI market research, iPMI Global reports are packed with the latest information, facts, figures, and research on Global iPMI and healthcare.