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iPMI Global Speaks with Sumit Gaurav, CEO, Roy Medical Assistance

19-12-2023 Interviews iPMI Global

In this exclusive iPMI Global interview, Christopher Knight, CEO, iPMI Global, met with Sumit Gaurav, CEO, Roy Medical Assistance. They discussed 2023 in detail and looked at the achievements of Roy Medical Assistance in the international medical assistance market, over the past year.

Roy Medical Assistance Expands Service Coverage In South Korea

11-07-2023 Assistance iPMI Global

Roy Medical Assistance is excited to announce they are now offering international medical assistance and TPA services in the South Korean market.

Featured in iPMI Global Network Directory

iPMI Global Provider Network Directory

25-01-2024 Network Directory iPMI Global

The iPMI Global network directory consists of a wide range of leading international medical payors and service providers, on call, 24/7 to assist you manage worldwide medical risks during a global pandemic. "A 360 degree view of the movers, shakers and deal makers operating in the international private medical insurance market." The international medical network covers all sectors of the global medical insurance business, and you can use the directory to source new partners and service providers. Simply use the the contact details within the network directory to connect with new partners and customers.  IPMI Market Network Sectors: IPMI, Assistance, Air Ambulance, Cost Containment And Claims Management, Funeral Directors, Ground Ambulance, Insurance Technology, Healthcare Insurance Management and Pharmacy Benefits Management. Download iPMI Global Provider Network Directory in PDF format The IPMI market use the iPMI Global Provider Network Directory to source the best information and data on international private medical insurance payors and providers. They may be searching for a new partner, looking for a contact number of a current provider, or researching the payor and provider market for future cross border network development. For the best reader experience we recommend downloading the PDF and viewing in Adobe Acrobat. If you have any issues accessing Google from...