American Hospital Dubai Opens 3 Medical Tourism Offices in Nigeria Endorsed by Dubai Health Authority

The initiative promotes UAE’s medical tourism goals, attracting patients from Nigeria, Africa, and Eastern Europe to avail of the hospital’s world-class medical services.

American Hospital Dubai announced the opening of its three medical tourism representative offices in Nigeria in 2024 as part of an expansion plan of 30 offices across crucial African and Eastern European locations. The initiative supports the UAE’s efforts to be the global medical tourism hub.

AXA and UMP Announce Strategic Partnership Introducing Inaugural Outpatient Clinic Services to Fulfil the Medical Needs Of Hong Kong Residents

AXA Hong Kong and Macau ("AXA") and UMP Healthcare Holdings Limited ("UMP", Stock Code: 722) jointly announced a strategic partnership to provide one-stop premium cross-border medical and healthcare services and experiences to customers. This marks AXA's maiden venture into expanding its general practitioner clinic services to mainland China, considerably strengthening the medical service support for customers in the Greater Bay Area. By leveraging UMP's extensive medical networks and administrative arrangements, AXA provides customers in the mainland with access to a broader range of medical treatment options and superior medical services.

Only Half Of Brits Are Satisfied With NHS

The NHS is celebrating its 75th anniversary. However, a new Government poll reveals only 53.9% of Brits are happy with the UK’s health system and 9% fewer people are satisfied with their own health than when the survey started in 2010.

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