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iPMI Market Report: International Health Insurance 2022

iPMI Market Report: International Health Insurance 2022

Leading international private medical insurance business intelligence provider iPMI Global, is excited to announce the official launch of the “International Health Insurance 2022" IPMI market report, written by leading IPMI, insurance and healthcare analyst Ian Youngman.

This must-have latest IPMI market information provides a wealth of facts and figures on international private medical insurance and health insurance for expatriates, third-country nationals, domestic nationals, and global nomads.

Format: Written Report.

Size: 225 A4 Pages.

Delivery: PDF Format.


  • Insurance companies;
  • Insurance brokers and agents;
  • MGAs and MGUs; 
  • Management consultants; 
  • Professionals working in global healthcare markets; 
  • Hospital and clinic groups operating internationally; 
  • Travel agents; 
  • Assistance companies; 
  • Cost containment and claims management companies; 
  • Insurance technology companies;  
  • Travel managers;
  • Air and ground ambulance companies;
  • Banks and other financial institutions;
  • Investors and private equity; 
  • National and local government policy makers; 
  • Lawyers;
  • Policy advisors; 
  • Think tanks.


  • The global demand for health insurance is rising fast
  • There are opportunities for health insurers and brokers.
  • The numbers of expatriates is rising and will increase.
  • IPMI and PMI are no longer separate.
  • Locals, students, digital nomads and NGO workers need cover.
  • More countries are making health insurance compulsory.
  • Healthcare and health insurance are becoming intertwined. 
  • Technology will change how insurers, brokers and customers interact.
  • There are more opportunities than ever for insurers and brokers to sell health insurance globally to locals and internationals.
  • International private medical insurance is flourishing. There are more globally mobile individuals than ever before - and employers are building businesses in more diverse countries.
  • IPMI as health insurance without borders is the future of health insurance for all people irrespective of their country of nationality, residence or current domicile.
  • Compulsory insurance, voluntary top up covers, differences between what you can sell to locals and expatriates, rules on overseas investors, local partnerships, economic sanctions, and even local politics are all things that insurers and brokers must understand.
  • There have been several new entrants to the global healthcare insurance and ancillary services market, long dominated by a small handful of existing insurance companies. Regional insurers and brokers are active in the sector.
  • The IPMI market is always shifting with market exits and entrants.
  • There is a global shift Eastwards as the USA/Europe axis gives way reluctantly to a China/Asia/Africa axis.
  • Being no longer possible to just offer IPMI offshore, due to compulsory insurance, tighter regulation and a rising rife of nationalism- global players have to invest in offices, partnerships and deciding which markets to be in. 
  • There is a massive rise in IPMI and PMI offerings from regional groups, local groups and single country insurers.
  • Three big partnership deals are changing the face of IPMI-Aetna/Allianz, Allianz/ Sanlam and Bupa/Generali.



  • Background - IPMI market in 2022
  • The three big partnership deals
  • Aetna and Allianz
  • Allianz and Sanlam
  • Bupa and Generali
  • Health insurers A to Z
  • Brokers agents and MGA/MGUs A to Z
  • Countries A to Z


  • Invasion of Ukraine
  • Global Migration
  • Diaspora
  • International students
  • Temporary foreign workers
  • Expatriates


  • Global premium figures


  • Ageing workforce
  • Executive wellbeing
  • Expatriate health concerns
  • Expats on living abroad
  • France employee healthcare
  • Global employee benefits
  • Global health benefits
  • Global health insurance costs and trends
  • Global health insurance trends
  • Global insurance
  • Global medical price trends
  • Global medical trends
  • Global mobility
  • Global multinationals and corporate transfers
  • Global private healthcare
  • Healthcare in 2040
  • Healthcare and wellbeing 2040
  • Health insurance for ex-pats
  • Health insurance pricing trends
  • International health insurance
  • International mobility strategy
  • International schools
  • Mental health
  • Millennials
  • Online purchase
  • USA Employee benefits
  • USA employer medical costs


  • Digital nomads
  • Insurance brands
  • USA health insurers
  • Working abroad
  • Businesses and consumers
  • Chronic condition management
  • Diaspora cover for relatives
  • Digital nomads
  • Employer health support to employees and families
  • Managing general agents
  • Merging health insurance and healthcare
  • Millennials
  • Partnering with global insurers
  • Remote health services
  • Sending people overseas
  • Seniors
  • Short assignments
  • Short-term cover


  • Asian health
  • Healthcare in Asia
  • Health insurance market potential Asia-Pacific
  • Asia medical benefits
  • Health at a Glance: Asia Pacific
  • Health at a Glance: Europe
  • Health at a Glance: Latin America & the Caribbean
  • Latin America health insurance potential
  • Middle East and North Africa outlook
  • Replacing foreigners with citizens
  • Health insurance market potential Middle East
  • Healthcare in UAE


  • The future
  • Health insurers need to offer more
  • IPMI in 2022

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About The Author

Ian Youngman is a writer and researcher specialising in international private medical insurance, global healthcare and medical tourism. He writes regularly for a variety of magazines, newsletters, and on-line services. He publishes a range of market reports and undertakes research for companies and has London market management experience with brokers and insurers. 

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