Diaspora Health Insurance Scheme for Nigerians in the UK and USA

In this iPMI Globalplans and products article, international private medical insurance market analyst and report author Ian Youngman, takes a look at health insurance plans for Nigerians in the UK and USA.

  • Ultimate Health HMO has launched the Diaspora Health Insurance programme for Nigerians in the United States of America and the United Kingdom to enrol parents and dependents in Nigeria and residents in the USA and the UK for cover whenever they go back home for any events and festivities.
  • Ultimate Health says that the initiative is a bold step in line with the responsibilities of accredited HMOs as the statutory drivers of enrolment of Nigerians in the programme designed towards the attainment of universal health coverage for the country.
  • In May 2022, the Federal Government enacted the National Health Insurance Authority 2022 to make enrolment in the health insurance programme mandatory for all Nigerians and legal residents to ensure the well-being of Nigerians and change the poor narration of our health indices for the better.
  • Although delayed it is still expected that all Nigerians, will be enrolled in the health insurance programme.
  • The government is committed to covering over 50 million Nigerians and most of the vulnerable, including the elderly, within the next four years.

Ultimate Health is a Health Maintenance Organization established by healthcare experts with the objective to add value to the healthcare system of the country by delivering excellent global standard preventive and curative medical services in accordance with the laws and at affordable rates.

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Ian Youngman is an independent writer and researcher specialising in insurance. He writes regularly for a variety of magazines, newsletters, and on-line services. He publishes a range of market reports, and undertakes research for companies. To read his latest report, International Health Insurance 2023, please click here, or visit the REPORTS section of iPMI Global.

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