Arthur J. Gallagher Buys Clements Worldwide

In this iPMI Global Insights article, iPMI report author Ian Youngman, takes a look at the recent acquisition of Clements Worldwide by Arthur J. Gallagher. Youngman points out that this deal is a major global IPMI buy, and will make Arthur J. Gallagher a major player in IPMI.

Ian Youngman is a writer and researcher specialising in insurance. He writes regularly for a variety of magazines, newsletters, and on-line services. He publishes a range of market reports, and undertakes research for companies. To read his latest report, International Health Insurance 2023, please click here, or visit the REPORTS section of iPMI Global.


  • USA based global mega-broker Arthur J. Gallagher is buying Washington, D.C. based Clements Worldwide.
  • Clements is an international insurance broker providing products and services for expats, diplomats and military personnel as well as commercial solutions for non-profits, contractors, embassies and schools.
  • In addition to its Washington office, Clements operates out of London, Dublin, Gibraltar and Dubai.
  • Jon Clements and his team will remain in their current locations under the direction of Bumpy Triche, head of Gallagher's Mid-South retail property/casualty brokerage operations.
  • The buy of this IPMI specialist is days after fellow USA based global mega-broker Brown and Brown UK subsidiary Premier Choice Healthcare bought small Brighton based IPMI broker Healthcover.
  • "Clements enhances our international capabilities with their specialist market expertise and provides significant cross-selling opportunities," said CEO Patrick Gallagher.
  • Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. -a global insurance brokerage, risk management and consulting services firm providing services in 130 countries.
  • PCH managing director Stephen Hough said” The addition of Healthcover provides us with expansion and deep experience in the International PMI market, which we see as a major opportunity for the business."

Clements Worldwide profile from Ian Youngman’s report International Health Insurance 2023

Reading the International Health Insurance 2023 report, we find the following information on Clements Worldwide.

  • Clements Worldwide is a trading name of Clements and Co, a private company in the USA owned by the Clements family.
  • Founded in 1947, Clements Worldwide specialises in providing international insurance services for expatriates and international organizations, giving them peace of mind and personal attention in 170 countries.
  • 127 employees.
  • Clements Worldwide is a company with overseas subsidiaries:
  1. Clements (Dubai) Limited.
  2. Clements Europe.
  3. Clements Belgium SPRL.
  • It offers a range of international life, travel, income protection and health covers to individuals, companies, organizations, governments, students and schools.
  • It has special schemes for USAID defence contractors, pilots, international schools and NGOs.
  • Some covers combine international and domestic US health covers.
  • It offers a range of individual, and group covers wider than health insurance.
  • Clements Worldwide provides short-term medical insurance for U.S.A. citizens and foreign nationals who need temporary medical cover while traveling for business or pleasure anywhere outside their country of citizenship.
  • Clements created the first expatriate programme exclusively for the U.S. Foreign Service.
  • It is a cover holder at Lloyd's of London where most IPMI is written.
  • Cigna Europe is the third-party administrator for Clements Worldwide.
  • Clements Scholars, a group health programme for expatriate educators and school staff, to serve the international school community in China. Clements Scholars provides insurance cover, extensive member access to medical facilities and standardised benefits to educational institutions with locations in multiple countries.
  • 50,000 individuals and organisations are customers.
  • It insures 6 out of every 10 American Foreign Service officers worldwide and 5 out of every 6 embassy associations and is the largest provider of insurance solutions to the international school community.
  • Revenue was 65 million in 2021.
  • A Strategic Partnerships team is dedicated to building meaningful business relationships that make personal insurance solutions available to a broader market.
  • It has an established network of partners around the world, including professional associations, expat communities, corporate client groups and global membership organizations.
  • In partnership with Professional Investment Consultants (PIC) Europe, it has a website for Europe-based individuals and organizations operating outside of their home country.
  • It has a website for United Nations Federal Credit Union’s (UNFCU) 100,000 members around the world in 145 countries-in partnership with UNFCU Financial Advisors.
  • It has a partnership with global aviation pilots’ organisation Baymac.
  • Has a partnership with bolt Insurance Solutions the insurtech with the country's largest technology-enabled insurance exchange for P&C, to offer insurance solutions to customers returning or relocating to the United States.
  • It has a mobile application for international health insurance customers.
  • Designed for expatriates, mPassport makes it easier than ever to find medical care around the world. Clements Worldwide partners with Starr China to deliver insurance cover to expatriates and international organizations in China.
  • Starr China, under license by Clements Worldwide, offer Clements Scholars, a group health programme for expatriate educators and school staff, to serve the international school community in China.
  • Clements Worldwide does not have an office in China.
  • Clements Belgium has an office in Brussels to offer insurance across Europe.
  • Clements Worldwide is a trading name of Clements Belgium SPRL.
  • It has a Dubai office in Dubai’s International Financial Centre run by associate- VDS Associate Marketing Management (Dubai).
  • Clements Europe offers a wide range of standard and specialist IPMI across Europe from a Gibraltar office.
  • Clements Worldwide offers a wide range of standard and specialist IPMI across Europe from a Dutch office.
  • Clements Europe has an office in London and offers insurance in the UK.

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  • This is a major global IPMI buy and will make AJG a major player in IPMI.
  • Somewhat belatedly the massive brokers are waking up to the potential of IPMI and how it is very important to their corporate clients.

What Next?

  • I expect other smaller players will be bought up in the months ahead as the bigger players see the potential of IPMI.
  • The quickest way to expand in IPMI is to buy a company and the specialist talent.
  • It also shows the problem for brokers and insurers in IPMI that much of the specialist talent has retired or is close to retirement.
  • Several IPMI brokers and MGAs are run by people of an age that may want to sell up and retire.
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