PassportCard Europe to Rattle the Mobility Market again

Every customer will get free flight delay service to over 12,000 lounges around the world.

The German company from Hamburg has announced of its coming launch of free flight delay service to all its customers worldwide. The service will be provided to new as well as existing customers totally free of charge and would grant them with free access to over 12,000 lounges worldwide in over 600 sites across the globe.

Access to the lounge will be issued in a “push” text message to the member immediately upon a delay of 90 minutes in their pre-registered fights, and with no need to claim against the insurer or to approach customer service.

CEO Eithan Wolf said, “Our products and services are considered the top of the market with 24/7 multilanguage inhouse service center and our patented payment solutions directly to all doctors worldwide. That said, our team is constantly seeking to improve our client’s experiences in their life journeys and once more we have found an additional added value to their lifestyle”.

The company’s services, launched in 2020 was already provided with the German Innovation award, the Bold award and the top 1% of German employers award. Eithan Wolf, its CEO was also nominated to be member of top EMEA’s mobility CEOs for the years 2022 and 2023.





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