Korea Expatriate Health Insurance: ID Verification System to Ensure Fairness in Health Insurance

May 17th, 2024, Korea, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare has said based on the National Health Insurance Act, as of May 20th, 2024, an ID verification system will be implemented for people looking to access healthcare which is covered by insurance.

The change affects citizens and expatriates. Valid forms of ID include residency cards, e-signatures and authentication services from relevant organisations. QR codes and health insurance mobile apps may also be used.

Patients at the nation's pharmacies, hospitals and clinics must present a valid form identification to receive health insurance benefits.

"This ID verification system for health insurance is a measure to boost fairness of the health insurance system," said Lee Jung-kyu, director-general of the ministry's Bureau of Health Insurance Policy. "For the system's smooth implementation, please bring your ID when visiting a medical institution or use a mobile health insurance app."

This mandatory ID system has been adopted to prevent ineligible citizens and expats from health insurance coverage and benefits in other people’s name.

Minors are exempt, as are ER patients, citizens with severe disabilities, pregnant women and long-term care patients.

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