Armenia Introduces Compulsory Medical Insurance

In this iPMI Global Country Guides Insights article, iPMI report author Ian Youngman, takes a look at the news that Armenia is introducing compulsory medical insurance.

  • Comprehensive health insurance system is being introduced step by step in Armenia.
  • So far, residents are joining on a voluntary basis.
  • The insurance will become compulsory for the entire population in 2027.
  • There is a Health Insurance Fund, partly financed by compulsory social health insurance, the Health Insurance Institute.
  • The Health Insurance Fund is responsible for all public funding of healthcare.
  • The aim is to make health services and medical aid accessible to all.
  • The programme does not cover all medical procedures.

The package of medical services includes:

  • Preventative examinations.
  • Advanced diagnostic services.
  • Treatment of diseases.
  • Continuous monitoring in chronic cases, including the provision of medicines and professional counselling.
  • Expensive cardiac surgery services.
  • Treatment of oncological diseases, both medication and radiation therapy.
  • The package excludes dental care.
  • The package excludes organ transplants.

Most will pay but the government will pay for 1.3 million vulnerable groups in 2024:

  • People with disabilities.
  • Children under 18.
  • People in the social assistance system.

From 2025 another state paid group will be added:

  • People aged 63 and over.

From 2025 another paying group will be added:

  • Employees of budgetary organisations

From 2026 other paying groups will be added:

  • All hired workers.
  • Self-employed.
  • Farm workers.
  • The state will partly pay for farm workers and people with a monthly income less than four times the minimum wage.
  • Voluntary health insurance will be added in 2026.
  • Comprehensive health insurance will be fully implemented from 2027.

What Next?

  • Insurers may be able to offer the top up covers.
  • As yet expats are not included anywhere.

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