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Managing iPMI Programs for Foreign Companies in the USA

Managing iPMI Programs for Foreign Companies in the USA

This closed door executive round table looks at the challenges and opportunities for the international private medical insurance market in the USA when insuring foreign corporation’s human resources.

Foreign companies are increasingly establishing subsidiary offices with local sales, manufacturing and distribution channels.

In the race for global presence, foreign corporations have entered the US market to capture the American customers.

They have a hybrid workforce comprised of US citizens, foreign nationals and key executives from overseas, with some spending much time travelling between the countries but without actually living in the USA.

Foreign corporations’ human resources and benefit directors are tasked with managing a myriad of benefits over growing geographic areas and across wildly varying international regulatory bodies.

Benefit directors new to the US market are unaware of the many insurance options when insuring foreign nationals working in the USA.

Employees, no matter their origin or citizenship status, are being enrolled on their USA company’s group health insurance and benefits plans. But this is rarely the best method.

There is massive difficulty in educating their foreign employees regarding policy benefits, deductibles, co-pays, PPO and HMO networks.

Traditional domestic group health insurance assumes employees are familiar with understanding insurance terminology, locating participating doctors and hospitals, seeking referrals, getting prequalified and submitting claim paperwork.

Foreign employees arriving from countries with socialized or national healthcare are unfamiliar with navigating the complexities of the US healthcare system and become overwhelmed by the process of seeking medical care in the USA.

Round Table Executives

Ross Walker Cigna Europe

Sheldon Kenton Global Benefits Group

Gitte Bach New Frontier Group

David Capote Trawick International

Dan Tuman Tuman Global Solutions

Janette Hiscock UnitedHealthcare Global

Lourdes F. Peters World of America

The big question: is international private medical insurance (iPMI) the answer when insuring foreign corporation’s human resources?

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