Trawick International Latin America Launches Innovative IPMI Plan with Focus on Good Health

Trawick International, an industry-leading international insurance company, announced the launch of Plan VIVA, an innovative International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) plan for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Plan VIVA is the first international health insurance plan that rewards its members for good health. Qualifying clients are offered a premium discount when purchasing the plan, which can be maintained on annual renewals by meeting program requirements. Preventive screenings and health check-ups are available, and members are encouraged to take advantage of them to support optimal health and detect issues early.

Additionally, Plan VIVA offers customizable coverage with four levels, accommodating all budgets and needs. A user-friendly quoting platform allows agents to quickly and easily choose the policy's maximum coverage, USA network (if any), and deductible combinations that make the most sense for their clients.

David Capote, President, Trawick International Latin America, commented, "I am thrilled to introduce Plan VIVA to Latin America and the Caribbean. We knew from the outset that we wanted to bring something unique to the international health insurance market and go beyond the traditional offerings found in most plans." Capote continued, "I am proud of the work done by the team to design this plan and develop our service platform which will be a driving factor in our success. We have taken a long-term approach in order to create a sustainable pricing and service model which l believe will transform how our agents and clients view international private medical insurance."

Daryl Trawick, President and CEO, Trawick International, added, "Plan VIVA is an excellent example of responding to a marketplace need with a solution that benefits all involved parties, from underwriter to broker to client. This new and exciting product is a key part of our product and diversification strategy, and I am extremely pleased that Trawick International LATAM is bringing it to market today."