PassportCard Student Package: Save 20% Every Year with Valid Student ID

PassportCard is excited to announce that students can now save 20% on their health insurance plans, for every year of showing a valid proof of student ID.

According to UNESCO, in 2023 there were 6.4 million international students and since the Covid 19 pandemic, data is showing a bounce back to pre-pandemic figures.

The Student Package from PassportCard offers students the best coverage while studying abroad.

In case of illness during your time abroad, you need quick and uncomplicated assistance, along with seamless reimbursement of costs. That's where PassportCard comes in. With their Student Package, students receive comprehensive protection worldwide, going beyond simple travel insurance.

Video Link: iPMI Global: PassportCard Europe CEO Eithan Wolf Speaks with iPMI Global CEO Christopher Knight

Whether you're an Erasmus student or gaining general international experience, with PassportCard, you're on the safe side when exploring the world.

Never worry about paying out of pocket again! The benefits of PassportCard!

All PassportCard customers receive the physical PassportCard that acts like a MasterCard, allowing students to pay directly on-site at doctors or other medical service providers - using PassportCard's funds.

24/7 service available

In addition, they offer 24/7 customer service in English and other languages.

100% free choice of doctor

Enjoy the freedom to choose your doctor without being tied to a medical network, flexibility when changing countries, and full coverage even in your home country.

PassportCard Europe CEO, Eithan Wolf comments, "PassportCard is dedicated to providing students with the best possible service, ensuring they feel as secure and cared for abroad as they do at home. We understand the importance of having hassle-free insurance, especially for students navigating new environments. With PassportCard, students can trust that their health insurance needs are taken care of with ease and efficiency, allowing them to focus on their studies and experiences abroad."

About PassportCard

PassportCard is part of the Davidshield Group, a leading provider of international health and travel insurance since 1999.

They serve clients in 150 countries and have offices worldwide.

PassportCard leverages its extensive knowledge of the Group’s worldwide health insurance operation combined with high level technologies and customer needs understanding, ensuring that we always offer state-of-the-art insurance products and service levels.

The PassportCard plans are insured by AWP Health & Life SA, a member of the Allianz group and VYV /MGEN. PassportCard both distributes and administers the PassportCard plans.

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