Allianz Partners Launches Swiss International Healthcare Plan

Allianz Partners has launched its first-to-market International Healthcare Plans designed specifically for businesses based in Switzerland. Sold through the international health brand Allianz Care and insured by Allianz Partners Switzerland, the Suisse+ International Healthcare Plans are designed to meet the needs of Swiss companies who have a substantial number of employees based outside of Switzerland. 

David Myers, Chief Sales Officer, Health at Allianz Partners commented: “At Allianz Partners, we understand that the wellbeing of employees and colleagues is paramount, whether they’re based locally or around the world. The innovative Suisse+ International Healthcare Plans are created to provide peace of mind and ensure that employees receive the highest level of care, no matter where they are.”

Customised Solutions for Varied Needs

The new Suisse+ International Healthcare Plans, together with the existing Suisse International Healthcare and Swiss Top-up Plans, offer employers in Switzerland a comprehensive and robust range of plans to meet a specific set of needs. It provides Swiss based companies with primarily internationally based employees with the flexibility and reassurance to offer the right level of cover and support they need, no matter their location. 

Comprehensive Cover

All of Allianz Partners’ Swiss Plans encompass a wide range of vital healthcare services, including doctor visits, hospital visits, vaccinations, surgeries, diagnostic tests, prescription drugs, cancer treatment, and the option to add a repatriation benefit. 

All international healthcare plans include global telehealth services, enabling employees to consult with experienced medical professionals 24/7. Additionally, Allianz Partners offers regular live webinars featuring health and wellbeing updates by international health experts. A 24/7 multilingual helpline is available, as well as a second medical opinion service for individuals who may be unsure about a diagnosis or recommended surgery.  

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