Roy Medical Assistance Announce International Medical Assistance and TPA Service Offering in Japan

Building on an already established medical assistance service coverage area in Asia and the Middle East, Roy Medical Assistance is the go-to partner for medical assistance, cost containment, international TPA and case monitoring in the region.

RMA Japan Services:

-Claims Assistance
-24 hours Hospitals and Clinics

RMA Global Assistance is a healthcare risk management company in Asia and Middle East. Serving the emergency medical and travel healthcare requirements of tourists, expatriates and corporations Roy Medical Assistance is perfectly positioned, to provide insurance and assistance companies, tailor made medical assistance solutions.

Sumit Gaurav, Founder and CEO Roy Medical Assistance comments, “In Japan we are in the initial stage to develop our direct billing agreement with providers in major cities. We are constantly working in the region to develop more hospital network access across Japan. As we know, medical costs in Japan, are higher compared to other Asian countries, so we are developing more hospital relationships in our network and cost containment process, with our preferred provider network.”

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Managed from their multi-lingual 24/7 call Centre, Roy Medical Assistance provides a professional team of assistance experts, who can react in a timely and efficient manner to manage every claim and request, down to the last detail.

About Roy Medical Assistance

Roy Medical Assistance is a well-known International TPA in Asia and the Middle East and is connected in major countries including China, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Sri-Lanka, Maldives, UAE, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Hong Kong and Myanmar.

Founded in 2016 in India, on the idea that we deliver the quality and affordable healthcare, around the world in best possible way to the travellers, expatriates, diplomats, students, and employees of corporates. We know that we can provide the best quality and affordable patient care by providing real-time and round the clock medical services in our vast network of hospitals around the globe along with best Case and Claims management. For this our management team and our multi-lingual call centres are available to you 24/7/365.

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