Healix Selected As Travel Assistance Provider For Berkley Accident And Health

Healix, the global provider of travel risk management and international medical, security and travel assistance services is delighted to announce that they have been selected as the preferred travel assistance provider for Berkley Accident and Health, a Berkley Company.

Effective immediately, all Berkley Accident and Health’s Specialty Accident policyholders now have access to Healix’s industry-leading medical and travel assistance services.

Any traveling Insureds within Berkley Accident and Health’s client organizations now have a dedicated line to medical experts, advice and assistance 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Additionally, they have access to the Healix Travel Oracle mobile app which provides the traveler with instant access to critical insight and support before and during overseas assignments, including a direct line to medical assistance 24/7. The app also provides secure personal travel document storage in the event that original documents are lost or stolen.

Brad Nieland, President and CEO, Berkley Accident and Health, comments, “These are interesting and critical times in the travel landscape. How we travel and our needs while traveling have evolved drastically. Whether going to a conference, developing new international business opportunities, or simply attending internal meetings, travelers of all types share concerns when it comes to medical emergencies and personal safety. We’re committed to safeguarding our clients and helping to give them greater peace of mind when traveling. Healix is playing a key role in delivering the personal care and hands-on support that travelers need while away from home.”

Charlie Butcher, CEO, Healix comments, “A face-to-face meeting is a vital part of doing business, and with travel firmly back on the agenda for many organizations, we’re delighted to be working with Berkley Accident and Health to provide the support employees need while going abroad for work. Traveling in 2023 brings plenty of risks, from the continued risk of coronavirus to the impacts of climate change on weather, to regional geopolitical challenges. Through the Healix services, Berkley Accident and Health clients can provide the tools necessary to reassure and support workers venturing out for business. With the combined support of Berkley Accident and Health and Healix, I am confident employees will receive the best possible support and outcome in the event of a crisis.”

In addition to the provision of expert medical and travel assistance, Berkley Accident and Health clients are also being provided the opportunity to customize their travel risk management program with additional Healix offerings. These offerings include:

  • 24/7 expert security assistance
  • Training sessions for employees covering topics such as situational awareness, LGBTQ+ travel risks and how to avoid being a target of crime
  • Leading-edge traveler tracking with Healix Sentinel
  • Mental health support
  • A wide range of consultancy services

Healix International, known in the United States as HX Global, is a global provider of travel risk management and international medical, security and travel assistance services. The team of experts works on behalf of multinationals, governments, NGOs and insurers they look after the welfare of expatriates, travelers, offshore workers and local nationals in every country of the world. Healix provides a comprehensive, integrated range of solutions to help safeguard the health and security of their clients’ employees, providing a single point of contact to access the expertise and help they may need, wherever they are in the world, 24/7.

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