Ireland: Average Cost of Health Insurance is now €1,685

According to The Health Insurance Authority Ireland quarterly market statistics for Q1 of 2024, the average adult premium is now €1,685 - an increase of almost 13% on the first quarter of 2023. 

Vhi Healthcare retain the largest market share, followed by Laya Healthcare and Irish Life Health. There were 351 plans on the market as of 1 April, and the majority of consumers have plans with substantial cover in private hospitals (semi-private accommodation), while just 10% of consumers have plans with cover mainly in public hospitals.

The research shows that health insurance continues to grow with 46.8% of the population now has private health insurance, a slight increase on last quarter. The names of the five most popular plans from each insurer are:

  • VHI: Company Plan Plus Level 1, Company Plan Plus Level 1.3,One Plus Plan, PMI 35 13 and Public Plus Care Day to Day.
  • Laya: Essential Health, Inspire, Inspire Plus, Simply Connect and Simply Connect Plus
  • Irish Life Health: 4D Health 2, 4D Health 4, Benefit, Horizon 2 and Nurture Plan ILH

Commenting on the research, Ray Dolan, CEO of the Health Insurance Authority said, “This research provides valuable insights into market and consumer trends in the private health insurance sector. The latest statistics show a steady growth in the number of people securing health insurance, with many choosing substantial cover, this may reflect an increased awareness and prioritisation of health among the Irish population. There have been a number of health insurance price increases across the market in the past 12 months which is attributed to medical inflation and an increase in claims. We would always encourage consumers to shop around and find the best fit and value for their lifestyle needs.”

The Health Insurance Authority encourages all consumers to review their health insurance plan each year at their renewal to make sure that they are on a plan that fits their lifestyle and current health needs. Consumers can use the free comparison tool on our website  to compare plans.

The five most popular plans for each insurer are:


Adult Price €


Adult Price €

Irish Life Health

Adult Price €

Company Plan Plus Level 1


Essential Health 300


4D Health 2


Company Plan Plus Level 1.3




4D Health 4


One Plus Plan


Inspire Plus




PMI 35 13


Simply Connect


Horizon 2


Public Plus Care Day to Day


Simply Connect Plus


Nurture Plan ILH


The role of the HIA is to ensure consumers are aware of their rights and insurers know their responsibilities in relation to health insurance in Ireland. The HIA enables a functioning health insurance market for the benefit of consumers, providers, and policy makers that underpins an accessible health service.

The HIA is responsible for effectively monitoring the compliance of registered undertakings with the Health Insurance Acts and accompanying regulations and taking measures to secure such compliance.

The Health Insurance Act 1994, as amended, provides the legislative basis for the Open Enrolment, Lifetime Cover and Community Rating in the Irish health insurance market.


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