AP Companies Announce Medical Assistance Services in Asia

AP Companies and PM Medicare in Thailand have announced a shared vision to provide the best and cost effective medical assistance services for Asia and South East Asia Maritime industry and Health Insurance industry.

AP Companies will be able to provide the top-notch assistance services to its Asia and South East Asia clients with their own on ground Asia team with extensive cultural knowledge, wide local networks and effective cost containment skills .

PM Medicare was founded by the well experienced professionals with specialized medical assistance skills and knowledge and have multiple branches in Asia. With that knowledge and experience of PM Medicare it will easy to assist in recruit and retain high quality employees in Asia and also in expanding the local networks providers and assisting our Global clients in Local languages .

AP companies goal has always been to deliver the best assistance service in most cost effective way and now they will be able to provide that in cost containment according to the region and providing the best and cultural appropriate services for the Asia and South East Asia region.

About AP Companies

AP Companies is able to satisfy the expectation of the most demanding healthcare and travel world-renowned insurance companies while providing their members’ access to the medical providers in 185 countries. Our medical provider network is comprised of medical facilities capable of handling all levels of medical care: from ground ambulances to hospitals, outpatient medical clinics, university hospitals, air ambulances, labs, vaccination centers, private practices, diagnostic centers, specialized medical units etc. to satisfy any possible healthcare need of our Clients, wherever they happen to be during their lifetime journey.

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