How DocHQ is Set to Transform Workplace Health

The tech-based health and wellbeing provider company offers a unique cost-saving proposition to help workforces remain fit and healthy – AI-driven virtual physiotherapy that tracks patients' movement for increased adherence and faster recovery, and a unique health testing solution.

How do you make workplaces healthier, especially in this new era of remote and hybrid employment? It’s a conundrum that’s been puzzling Madhur Srivastava. The CEO of DocHQ realised that offering a holistic approach to healthcare that included physiotherapy, fitness and health checks in the workplace would help reduce absenteeism by keeping employees fit, healthy, and most importantly, moving. 

To do this, DocHQ utilises cutting-edge AI technology that tracks users’ movements as they perform the physio exercises, which are set by real-life chartered physiotherapists following an initial virtual appointment. The AI tech works by using the computer, laptop, tablet or phone’s camera, which tracks and analyses over 111 points on the body as the patient performs their rehab exercises. The AI software provides video and audio feedback by suggesting ways to instantly improve form and get the most from each exercise. 

The result is a new era of employee healthcare. The real-time feedback means the user can adjust their stance, body movements and positioning following visual and audio prompts, meaning the exercises are more effective and recovery is enhanced, resulting in a more rapid return to work. It also allows the physiotherapist to track the patient's movements (viewed on a skeleton avatar) and adjust their treatment plan depending on how well – or not – their movement, range of motion and stability is improving. Users’ privacy is maintained throughout as the software’s computer-vision technology can only ever see the skeleton and not where the user is or their surroundings.

Sticking to the programme

Adherence rates for traditional physio have been estimated to be as low as 40% once the patient returns home and has to do the exercises themselves. This is often due to lack of motivation, confusion on how to perform the exercises and the fact no one is checking on progress. As a result, pain persists and recovery is slowed. Or, the injury gets worse, leading to longer-term immobility, time off work and an increase in insurance claims.

DocHQ Physio’s innovative and convenient use of technology may result in adherence rates of up to 90%. This is thanks to the AI guidance and feedback offered to the patient through the software, as well as the physio's ability to track the patient's movement data and offer human feedback, while adjusting the treatment plan to improve and speed recovery.

As a result, the patient becomes increasingly motivated to perform their rehab exercises as they see themselves progressing. This enhanced way of undertaking physiotherapy ultimately leads to a more rapid return to work, saving the company – as well as insurers – money.

Taking charge of your health 

Alongside the physio, DocHQ also offers the opportunity for health testing. Its range of Health Check kits – which include thyroid, diabetes, cholesterol, vitamins, bowel cancer, menopause and prostate cancer, among others – are self-administered, and can be easily be done at home before sending the sample to one of DocHQ’s certified UK laboratories for testing. 

The results are then checked by a GP and delivered to the user in an online report, with full information and advice for the user on what to do with the results. DocHQ can also supply employers with a bespoke range of tests as an employee benefit, as well as a spectrum of annual health screening options.

The health checks empower employees to take charge of their health, and make well-informed decisions on lifestyle changes they need to make. Whether it’s preventing future conditions, or changing their lifestyle or diet to combat a particular issue such as high cholesterol, the crucial point is that they are in control to prevent future illness. This has multiple benefits for health insurance companies, most importantly reducing claims costs by picking up health issues before more serious interventions are necessary.

Beneficial for all

Remote work is here to stay, and wellbeing is a more than simply a buzzword – it’s a key factor in employees’ tick-list of benefits when assessing whether to accept a new role. Many will examine a company’s perks before joining a company, so businesses should ensure they’re able to offer staff a wide range of health options to ensure their physical and mental health are looked after, and this will only become more important in the future.

DocHQ Physio caters for a wide range of requirements, from treating low back pain as a result of sitting at a desk for long hours, preventing MSK issues in women entering menopause, or simply offering a 10-minute neck and back stretch to re-energise between meetings; with the flexibility to perform exercises from home at the user’s convenience. 

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About DocHQ

DocHQ is your wellbeing partner. As a UK employee benefits provider, our vision is to enable people to make informed health choices and inspire them to improve their quality of life. We are a specialist medical technology provider aimed at enhancing employee wellbeing at work and home as well as working with insurers – connecting businesses, providers and consumers through technology.

From employee health and wellness programmes to physical wellness in the workplace and at home, DocHQ combines medical expertise and technology to offer wellbeing services and solutions in a post-pandemic world. Through developing a network of private clinics and providers across Europe, we deliver a range of employee benefits including Physiotherapy, Health Checks, Fitness, Nutrition and Travel Health.


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